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The ultimate 8 steps to beating procrastination

We know how hard it can be to get started on the important stuff with so many distractions and things like your phone and social media competing for your attention and time.

Here’s our simple guide to breaking the cycle of procrastination…

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Give it all a purpose

Give it all a purpose

Have you ever started learning something, been super-excited about it, and when you start getting into the routine of practicing it, slowly loose motivation and abandon it?

Well, you’re not alone! You need to motivate yourself! But I don’t think a motivational poster will do the trick.

It’s important to remind yourself every now of your goal, why you started learning that skill. Are you learning piano because you want to …click to read more!

Let it sink

Let it sink

A lot of the learning process goes on in the back of our heads. Actually, some scientist have even proposed that to be the main driver of sleep and dreaming is to let those ideas and connections strengthen! We don’t have to go that far, but research shows that a good night’s sleep will make you perform better, remember better, and retain better your skill. So better get a good night’s sleep! …click to read more!

Repeat, but repeat wisely

Repeat, but repeat wisely

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but no less powerful. But you have been warned: repetition for repetition’s sake might not get you great results. And it’s just boring.

One skill that I started working on a long time ago (and still do… learning is a life-long experience) is guitar-playing. And in that journey, I’ve had conversation with other musicians about the amount of hours of practice per week that I or they dedicated.

Now I know that hours is the wrong type of indicator …click to read more!

Break down what you’re learning

Break down what you're learning

A lot of people give up on a skill because they find it “too difficult”, or daunting. Of course: everything worth learning is “too difficult” at the beginning! One of the keys to making progress is to figure out what different sub-skills or talents you need. And when you think you can’t break it down any further, you can probably still break it down a bit more.

The reason for this is that, if the chunks are small (simple) enough, you’ll understand them better, and you’ll be …click to read more!

Get acquainted with the topic

Get acquainted with the topic

What’s the first step that you follow when you learn a skill? Just a hint: “giving up” is not an option! The first thing that you have to do is to get a bit confortable with the topic, to understand what you’re learning. This is a terribly confusing task, but it’s important to go through it.

But if it’s such a messy task, how do we do it? When I’m learning something new, I tend to start by looking around different sources: …click to read more!

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