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How to think big and follow through with your goals

Our core purpose is to help you think big and follow through with your goals. That’s how you achieve great things in life!

After group-coaching hundreds of people, and taking the best ideas from many other coaching methodologies, we’ve developed a framework based on applied positive psychology.

Self-reflection and self-improvement is an iterative process. Each iteration can be broken down in 4 steps: …click to read more!

Changing the world the entrepreneur style

When people think about changing the world they often think about associations, charities, etc. But that’s not the only way and many times it’s not even the best way. Very often the best way to make a business out of it and become an entrepreneur.

A great example of this is Karla Nieminen, who we recently interviewed. She has her own training company called Jäänmurtajat (ice breakers) that offers people skills lectures, courses and tutoring and also she’s been very active volunteering in the Helsinki chapter of Young Entrepreneurs of Finland.

Karla is on quest to shape the Finnish society by training people to develop great interpersonal skills. She chose this quest because of her own experiences as a young girl.

“I want to help people because I also got help. I get super motivated when I see the effects of helping someone. It just feels great to raise awareness about developing better interpersonal skills.”

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Make the world better by doing what you love

Have you always wanted to change the world but still not sure how you could do it? At NurtUp we believe that everyone can create a positive impact in the world by being ambitious, caring and inspiring. To help you get started with your quest to change the world we decided to ask exceptional people who are already doing it!

We recently interviewed Touko Kontro, a Finnish angel investor about how he is changing the world. Touko is entrepreneur who is passionate about innovations, sustainability and helping others succeed in business.

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Does The Hero work in a team building event?

The shortest answer is yes! According to John Swallow,  professional coach and Head of Learning and Development at Specsavers The Hero does work very well in team building events. 💜

Here is his story about how he used the Hero with his distributed Nordic team:

“My Learning and Development Team consists of 35 people spread across six Northern European countries. As you can probably guess, coaching is a daily occurrence in many of their roles. This may take the form of coaching store team members to increase service performance, virtual coaching drop-ins using SKYPE, Line Manager coaching conversations or ad-hoc coaching with each other with particular issues that they may be facing. In short, we are developing a coaching culture within the team to enable everyone to support each other as well as our store teams.

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Tough questions make your life easier

Most of us live our lives on autopilot, never stopping for a moment to think why and where we are heading. There are “famous” moments in our lives when we turn off the autopilot and panic when we realize that we weren’t in control. We tend to refer to these moments as life crisis’ for example the 30’s crisis. 😉  Wouldn’t your life be easier if instead of panicking you would sit down and think what you really want?

Take New Year’s resolutions for example. Did you have any last year? And did you actually do it? Many people drop out after a couple of weeks. And that is if they even start. Have you ever wondered why that is? In my experience this is caused by “wannabe” goals that people set because of societal pressure, not because they really want to achieve that. These kind of goals will lead to all sort of excuses and it might even affect your self confidence.

The Hero - coaching gameWe get to speak with dozens of people about their goals and we have noticed that the tougher the question we ask the better the results will be. My favorite question is “Why?”, short but powerful. It’s much easier to work on your goals when you know why you want to achieve them. When you have an inner drive to reach your goal, no excuse will ever stop you. 🙂

We have created a playful coaching game, called The Hero to help you think about what matters to you in life. When you play The Hero you and your friends will empower each other towards achieving your goals and dreams by asking questions… a lot of questions. ‘The Hero’ gives you the perfect excuse to ask tough questions that make people think, including yourself! 😉

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Think big and follow through!

Life after the Nordea Startup Accelerator

Hajni at the Nordea Demo Day

It’s almost 2 months since the Nordea Startup Accelerator ended with the spectacular Demo Day pitches. During the 3 months accelerator program we learned how to use the lean method to validate our product and business ideas. We learned that the lean method is all about testing your assumptions before you put all your efforts into building your product that eventually no one will want.

Perhaps the most important lesson was to never assume anything, because otherwise you’ll make an ass of you and me. We assumed when we got chosen that Nurtup was completely, absolutely and definitely different that all the rest of  the #fintech startups. 😉 Turns out we were wrong. 😛 Once we started …click to read more!

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