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Four ways to get more from your Hero cards

The Hero - coaching game

The Hero – coaching game

I’ve already talked about the huge positive impact playing The Hero has had on my life, and The Hero cards have many uses beyond the coaching game described in the instructions. Here’s a few ideas to help you get more from your deck.

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Changing the world by inspiring curiosity

Picking up on the theme from our previous post of changing the world through education, our series on exceptional people who are creating positive change continues with Eija Myötyri, who develops workshops that inspire a new generation to become scientists and mathematicians.

What is your quest?

I create workshops for kids involving mathematics and physics. I try to make them inspired, interested, curious… to light a little flame inside them, so when they grow up and choose what they want to do, maybe they will make the world a better place!

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Growing a generation capable of peace

Education is an important part of changing the world, and learning how to learn effectively is one way of increasing the potential impact you can have.

Jussi Hölttä is a coach, educator and blogger, and founder of Interbeing. I recently caught up with him at the University of Helsinki’s Think Corner.

What is your quest?

To grow a generation capable of peace. Helping people learn is the step that I’m working on right now.

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Advancing to the next level

Have you always wanted to change the world but still not sure how you could do it? At NurtUp we believe that everyone can create a positive impact in the world by being ambitious, caring and inspiring. To help you get started with your quest to change the world we decided to ask exceptional people who are already doing it!

Anne Badan is well known in the Helsinki Startup community as the driving force behind The Shortcut, and it was there that I caught up with her to talk about her quest to help foreigners in Finland build successful businesses.

What is your quest?

When I came to Finland my whole career was already planned; I had no intention of being an entrepreneur, but Finland turned me into one. I couldn’t find anything that matched my expectations, ambitions and motivation, so I thought “if I can’t find it, then let’s create it for myself!”

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The Hero and my journey to NurtUp

Last Monday I ran a session of The Hero — my first since joining NurtUp. As always, it left me feeling motivated and inspired, so now seems like a good time to write about the positive impact the game and NurtUp have had on my life.

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Build good habits and become a better musician

As well as being passionate about self-development, here at NurtUp we’re a musical bunch; Daniel is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, Hajni plays guitar and bass, and I dabble with cello, bass guitar and Irish bouzouki.a guitar and a bass

Every musician knows that they’re supposed to practise every day, but putting this into action consistently is something many of us struggle with. For me there was one notable exception: back in 2002 I got into a pretty good rehearsal routine, practising most days for about half an hour. Before and since my practising has been patchy at best, and absent at worst!

So it was when Daniel and I started our current band. It quickly became clear how badly my bass skills had deteriorated, I resolved to rediscover the secret of a regular practice schedule, even if it required a little brain-hacking! …click to read more!

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