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The ultimate 8 steps to beating procrastination

We know how hard it can be to get started on the important stuff with so many distractions and things like your phone and social media competing for your attention and time.

Here’s our simple guide to breaking the cycle of procrastination…

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Four ways to get more from your Hero cards

The Hero - coaching game

The Hero – coaching game

I’ve already talked about the huge positive impact playing The Hero has had on my life, and The Hero cards have many uses beyond the coaching game described in the instructions. Here’s a few ideas to help you get more from your deck.

Still don’t have your own Hero cards? Order them now!

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The Hero and my journey to NurtUp

Last Monday I ran a session of The Hero — my first since joining NurtUp. As always, it left me feeling motivated and inspired, so now seems like a good time to write about the positive impact the game and NurtUp have had on my life.

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Build good habits and become a better musician

As well as being passionate about self-development, here at NurtUp we’re a musical bunch; Daniel is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, Hajni plays guitar and bass, and I dabble with cello, bass guitar and Irish bouzouki.a guitar and a bass

Every musician knows that they’re supposed to practise every day, but putting this into action consistently is something many of us struggle with. For me there was one notable exception: back in 2002 I got into a pretty good rehearsal routine, practising most days for about half an hour. Before and since my practising has been patchy at best, and absent at worst!

So it was when Daniel and I started our current band. It quickly became clear how badly my bass skills had deteriorated, I resolved to rediscover the secret of a regular practice schedule, even if it required a little brain-hacking! …click to read more!

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