Think big & follow through

Tough questions make your life easier

Most of us live our lives on autopilot, never stopping for a moment to think why and where we are heading. There are “famous” moments in our lives when we turn off the autopilot and panic when we realize that we weren’t in control. We tend to refer to these moments as life crisis’ for example the 30’s crisis. 😉  Wouldn’t your life be easier if instead of panicking you would sit down and think what you really want?

Take New Year’s resolutions for example. Did you have any last year? And did you actually do it? Many people drop out after a couple of weeks. And that is if they even start. Have you ever wondered why that is? In my experience this is caused by “wannabe” goals that people set because of societal pressure, not because they really want to achieve that. These kind of goals will lead to all sort of excuses and it might even affect your self confidence.

The Hero - coaching gameWe get to speak with dozens of people about their goals and we have noticed that the tougher the question we ask the better the results will be. My favorite question is “Why?”, short but powerful. It’s much easier to work on your goals when you know why you want to achieve them. When you have an inner drive to reach your goal, no excuse will ever stop you. 🙂

We have created a playful coaching game, called The Hero to help you think about what matters to you in life. When you play The Hero you and your friends will empower each other towards achieving your goals and dreams by asking questions… a lot of questions. ‘The Hero’ gives you the perfect excuse to ask tough questions that make people think, including yourself! 😉

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Think big and follow through!

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