Think big & follow through

How to think big and follow through with your goals

Our core purpose is to help you think big and follow through with your goals. That’s how you achieve great things in life!

After group-coaching hundreds of people, and taking the best ideas from many other coaching methodologies, we’ve developed a framework based on applied positive psychology.

Self-reflection and self-improvement is an iterative process. Each iteration can be broken down in 4 steps: …click to read more!

Life after the Nordea Startup Accelerator

Hajni at the Nordea Demo Day

It’s almost 2 months since the Nordea Startup Accelerator ended with the spectacular Demo Day pitches. During the 3 months accelerator program we learned how to use the lean method to validate our product and business ideas. We learned that the lean method is all about testing your assumptions before you put all your efforts into building your product that eventually no one will want.

Perhaps the most important lesson was to never assume anything, because otherwise you’ll make an ass of you and me. We assumed when we got chosen that Nurtup was completely, absolutely and definitely different that all the rest of  the #fintech startups. 😉 Turns out we were wrong. 😛 Once we started …click to read more!

The story how NurtUp got selected into Nestholma’s and Nordea’s accelerator

Daniel's pitch

Hopefully you have already noticed on social media that NurtUp has been selected to Nestholma‘s and Nordea‘s startup accelerator program.

You might wonder how a non-banking company got chosen for the program. It all started from participating in Boost Your Business 2015 event organized by Puskapromotion in cooperation with Haaga-Helia Startup School. We found the event …click to read more!

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