by Glyn

posted on April 16, 2018.

Last Monday I ran a session of The Hero — my first since joining NurtUp. As always, it left me feeling motivated and inspired, so now seems like a good time to write about the positive impact the game and NurtUp have had on my life.

I first heard of NurtUp about a year ago. Hajni ran a game of The Hero at the Helsinki Live Your Legend meetup. I had been in Finland for a few months and was struggling to find my place in a new country. The Hero was my first taste of peer-coaching, and I enjoyed it so much I bought a pack.

The biggest impact of this first game was to teach me to ask better questions, both of myself, and when talking to others. Other players I’ve spoken to have noticed this too: long after the game you catch yourself about to give advice, and instead ask a question that helps the other person to find a solution themselves.

I joined the NurtUp Facebook group, and came along to several more Hero games over the following months. I got to know Hajni and Daniel, met other new people, and received valuable coaching.

At a Hero game in September, Daniel said he played guitar and wanted to start a band. As I mentioned in my previous post I play the bass, and coincidentally had recently talked with a drummer friend about doing just that. A week later the three of us met over coffee to talk music. Half a year on, our band still doesn’t have a name, but we meet regularly to practise.

In November I volunteered to help test a product idea for NurtUp, based around changing how you perceive yourself through peer-coaching. I was assigned to a group with two other volunteers, and we met weekly. My goal was to become better at connecting with strangers and communicating my ideas. To say this was life-changing is not an exaggeration! My social life has taken off, just from starting conversations with strangers. Nurturing those connections has given me unexpected opportunities.

When Daniel asked if I would be interested in becoming more involved in NurtUp, of course I said yes! NurtUp has had a huge positive effect on my life already, and now I’m enjoying helping others to experience the power of peer-coaching.

Ask questions and share your ideas freely with friends and strangers alike! You’ll make new connections, bring people together, and open up amazing new possiblities in the process.

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