by Hajni

posted on June 18, 2018.

When people think about changing the world they often think about associations, charities, etc. But that’s not the only way and many times it’s not even the best way. Very often the best way to make a business out of it and become an entrepreneur.

A great example of this is Karla Nieminen, who we recently interviewed. She has her own training company called Jäänmurtajat (ice breakers) that offers people skills lectures, courses and tutoring and also she’s been very active volunteering in the Helsinki chapter of Young Entrepreneurs of Finland.

Karla is on quest to shape the Finnish society by training people to develop great interpersonal skills. She chose this quest because of her own experiences as a young girl.

“I want to help people because I also got help. I get super motivated when I see the effects of helping someone. It just feels great to raise awareness about developing better interpersonal skills.”

Karla used to have bad interpersonal skills and she didn’t know how to approach people. Finns are not really proactive when it comes to making friends which made her suffer even more from her situation. One day she decided to do something about it. She started reading a lot of self-help books and started practicing the things she read about. Quite soon she noticed a positive change in the way she was dealing with new encounters with strangers. If you meet her today, it’s quite difficult to believe that she ever had a problem. She wanted to help others achieve the same, so in 2011 that led her to start her own company and become an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is sometimes quite challenging.

Karla is facing in her business very typical issues of a small business, for example how to reach potential customers or partner up with the big companies. To tackle those, she has surrounded herself with a supportive entrepreneur network, which is essential if you don’t have a team to work with. Having like minded people with you on your quest makes this journey much easier and fun.

“Networking with experienced people is very important to learn and develop yourself as an entrepreneur.”

As a starting entrepreneur, every support is important. In Finland the government and many cities help entrepreneurs in many ways. For example before you start your company, you can get free business consultation to make sure your business is viable from the start. If your plan looks promising you’ll even get an entrepreneurial allowance for a limited time.

Despite all this help, it’s not easy to run a business especially if you are alone. You should always use the resources your city is offering. Wherever in the world you are, there is for sure support of some sort. For example, associations, meetups and social media groups that can help you on your own entrepreneurial quest. Be brave. Ask for advice whenever you feel stuck. Talk to people. Talk to customers.

“Customer orientation is the most important thing in a business! How are you helping your customers and what are they paying for?”

Could you do something similar?

  • Do you share your quest with the people around you?
  • What obstacles have you overcome, that you could help others with?
  • How are you making sure you get (and give) the most in your network?

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