by Hajni

posted on August 27, 2018.

Our core purpose is to help you think big and follow through with your goals. That’s how you achieve great things in life!

After group-coaching hundreds of people, and taking the best ideas from many other coaching methodologies, we’ve developed a framework based on applied positive psychology.

Self-reflection and self-improvement is an iterative process. Each iteration can be broken down in 4 steps:

Reflect: why is that goal important for you? How will you know when you’ve achieved it? How will your life be better after that? If you don’t understand what it means to be successful, you can’t take any steps in that direction.
Plan: a goal without a plan is just a hope. What gets you closer to your goal? What can you do now? What could you do today? If you see the goal only in a distant future, you’re lying to yourself, and it’s not really your goal.
Do: you can only change things through action. When a goal is important, it’s often in your mind, which means that you act on it. Have clear actions, be accountable to others and make sure you have constant progress. Every small step counts.
Reward: rewards reinforce our behavior. That means that whichever behavior you want to keep, you need to reinforce. Every step you take should receive some form of reward, instead of just punishing yourself for not having reached the goal yet.

In our experience at NurtUp we’ve seen the power of social groups around you. They can help you in – or stop you from – achieving your goals. That’s why we add as well an extra activity on each step: to share.

When you reflect, sharing makes sure you explore your goal better and understand yourself better. When you plan, sharing makes sure your plan has no holes. When you act (do), sharing makes sure you’re accountable to others. And when you reward yourself, sharing makes the prize more tangible. It powers the whole self-development process!

We’ve used this model to empower every part of the process. Our web-app is divided into sections that support you to think big (the dreams section to reflect and plan) and follow through (the daily section to do and reward). Our framework makes sure that you are engaging your whole mind: enhance the rational part of the process (plan and do) and the emotional part (reward and reflect).

And the best part, because we help you engage your friends, you can power everything by sharing each step!


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