by Glyn

posted on September 14, 2018.

The Hero - coaching game

The Hero – coaching game

I’ve already talked about the huge positive impact playing The Hero has had on my life, and The Hero cards have many uses beyond the coaching game described in the instructions. Here’s a few ideas to help you get more from your deck.

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Get unstuck

When you have a project or situation that feels “stuck”, get yourself unstuck by asking yourself some tough questions.

  • Randomly draw one or more cards from rounds two, three and four to help understand your current situation, and to get insights into how to progress.
  • Write your answers and any follow-up questions that you think of on a piece of paper.
  • Take a step towards your goal (however small).
  • Sleep on it. The next day review your questions and answers; you will usually find that a way forward presents itself.

Keep meetings focussed

Use the superpower cards (the white ones with the purple cat pictures) to keep your work meetings on track! Deal the five cards to meeting attendees.

  • Time Master‘s responsibility is to keep the meeting on schedule and ensure all topics get their allocated discussion time.
  • Focus Pocus can be played when someone drifts off-topic.
  • Reflection Ray can be used whenever someone brings a fixed mindset to the table “x is like this”. Get them to turn their statement into a growth-mindset oriented question “how can we change x?”
  • Truth Vision requires a slight change: if nobody makes a suggestion, dig deeper into the issue under consideration by asking an open question about it.
  • Play Super Smile when someone is being negative without proposing ways to find a solution.
  • Optionally, if someone tends to dominate discussions, introduce a rule that only the person with the beige Hero card in front of them can speak (except to invoke a superpower card, of course!). Pass that card around when others wish to make points, so everyone’s contribution gets heard.

Plan your week

Use the Hero to plan for your personal or work goals at the beginning of the week.

  • Your first round question is always “What do I want to accomplish this week?”
  • Draw a card as usual for rounds two, three and four.
  • Write down your answers and any further questions that arise.
  • Use a timer for each round.
  • Each morning review your notes to remind you what you should be focussing on.

Strengthen your relationships

Play The Hero with a romantic partner to get insights into how to develop your relationship.

  • Use these alternative first round questions: “What part of our relationship do we want to develop?”, “What is the status of our relationship at the moment?” and “What dream do we share?”
  • Play rounds two, three and four as usual.
  • Answer the questions individually. Listen to each other’s answers and discuss ways to align your goals and expectations.

Exploring deep questions like these together is an excellent way to strengthen a relationship.


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